Koryu Karate

Koryu Karate     In 2003, Tanemura Shōtō-sōke established the koryū karate (古流唐手) system to introduce the karate (唐手 - Chinese hand) of Takamatsu Toshitsugu-sensei and Ueno Takashi-sensei. Originally, Takamatsu-sensei had plans to develop a karate system called 'dankōjutsu' (断抗術 - techniques of defending against the enemy), but it was one goal Takamatsu-sensei was not able to fulfill.

    The name koryū karate literally means "old school Tang hand." The name 'Tang' refers to the Tang Dynasty (618-907) in China, so the name usually means "old school Chinese hand." This name should not be confused with the modern karate-dō (空手道) or Okinawa karate (沖縄空手), which are both now referred to as "empty hand" (空手).

The following are a few of the ryūha from which the koryū karate system bases its knowledge from:
• Kijin Chōsui-ryū dakentaijutsu

• Shindō Tenshin-ryū kenpō (a.k.a. Tenshin Ko-ryū kenpō)

• Gikan-ryū karate koppōjutsu

• Gyokko-ryū karate kosshijutsu

• Kotō-ryū karate koppōjutsu

• Other special kuden (oral teachings) on Chinese martial arts