Ninpo Bugei

GWNBF    In November 1984, Tanemura Tsunehisa Shōtō-sōke established the Genbukan Sekai Ninpō Bugei Renmei (GWNBF - Genbukan World Ninpō Bugei Federation), which is an organization that focuses on preserving the authentic transmission of authentic Japanese ninpō bugei (忍法武芸 - ninja martial arts).

    In the GWNBF the curriculum is based on the ninpō sanjūrokkei (忍法三十六型 - 36 skills of ninpō). Kotaro ShihanThese skills are divided into two categories: bugei jūhappan (武芸十八般 - 18 skills of martial arts) and the ninja jūhakkei (忍身十八形 - 18 skills of the ninja). Together, they form the 36 skills, but in reality there are much more than just 36 skills.

    To learn ninpō bugei in the Genbukan Kusakage Dōjō, one must first join the GWNBF as a member, and then learn the basics of ninpō taijutsu (忍法体術 - ninja body techniques). The other categories that one learns in the GWNBF are bōjutsu (棒術 - long and short staff arts), and bikenjutsu (秘剣術 - secret sword techniques).

The following are a few of the ryūha from which the GWNBF bases its knowledge from:
• Togakure-ryū ninpō

• Gyokko-ryū kosshijutsu

• Kotō-ryū koppōjutsu

• Gikan-ryū koppōjutsu

• Kukishinden Happō Bikenjutsu

• Tenshin Hyōhō Kukishin-ryū

• Kijin Chōsui-ryū dakentaijutsu

• Shinden Fudō-ryū dakentaijutsu