Genbukan Honbu Dojo    The Genbukan Honbu Dōjō is the main branch dōjō (training hall) located in Japan that is dedicated to teaching traditional Japanese martial arts. It was established in 1984 by Tanemura Shōtō-sōke to preserve the authentic transmission of Japanese martial arts. The name 'Genbukan' Tanemura Soketranslates as "a place for the practice of martial arts which are both mysterious and marvelous." This significance is that those who master ninpō bugei will give light to our everyday world, a world often filled with darkness.

    The Genbukan originally focused on ninpō bugei (ninja martial arts) but later it was expanded to jūjutsu and other martial arts including koryū karate (old school Chinese hand) and Chūgoku kenpō - hakkeshō (Chinese fist methods - baguazhang).

Note: Chūgoku kenpō - hakkeshō is not taught at the Genbukan Kusakage Dōjō at this time.

The Genbukan Kusakage Dōjō teaches the following arts:
• Ninpō Bugei (ninja martial arts)
        • Ninpō Taijutsu (ninja unarmed fighting)

        • Bōjutsu (long and short stick arts)

        • Bikenjutsu / Kenpō / Kenjutsu (sword arts)

• Japanese Jūjutsu (unarmed fighting)

• Koryū Karate (old school Chinese hand)