The Genbukan Kusakage Dōjō is located in the North Texas (Melissa and McKinney, TX) area. There are three classes weekly. One class is dedicated to ninpō taijutsu. The other is Japanese jūjutsu and koryū karate. And finally, one is dedicated to weapons (bōjutsu and bikenjutsu). Each art has its own curriculum which is set forth by Tanemura Shōtō-sōke, the Grandmaster of the Genbukan Honbu Dōjō.

The five arts that are taught and their principles are:
• Ninpō Taijutsu - avoiding, evading, and escaping.

• Japanese Jūjutsu - suppleness, leverage, and momentum.

• Koryū Karate - speed, dynamic force, and stability.

• Bōjutsu - long, medium and short range staff techniques.

• Bikenjutsu - short and medium range sword techniques.