Kusakage    The Genbukan Kusakage Dōjō, located in north Texas area near McKinney and Melissa, TX, is a member of the Genbukan Sekai Ninpō Bugei Renmei (Genbukan World Ninpō Bugei Federation) and the Kokusai Jūjutsu Renmei (International Jūjutsu Federation) operating under the authority of the Genbukan Honbu Dōjō. We teach traditional Japanese martial arts of ninpō taijutsu, jūjutsu, koryū karate, bōjutsu and bikenjutsu.

    The name "Kusakage", which means, "shadow in the grass" signifies several aspects of ninpō. The Ninja were once referred to as grass (kusa), implying that they were hidden in the grass. Also, grass symbolizes exceptional strong spirit; it will never give up if stepped on many times.