George KohlerGeorge Kohler – Kusakage Dōjō-chō
    In 1984, George Kohler began his martial arts training at the age of 15 in Bujinkan ninpō taijutsu in Houston, Texas. His teacher during this time was Dr. Kelly Hill. After Dr. Hill stopped teaching in 1986, George became a student under John Lindsey. After graduating from high school in 1987, George went to college at New Mexico Military Institute for two years. During those two years, he took up Jūdō and Tomiki Aikidō at the college, while continuing to practice ninpō taijutsu. In 1989 he joined the US Army, and was assigned to 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment in Savannah, Georgia. While there, he continued to train in ninpō taijutsu. After leaving Savannah, Georgia in 1994, Tanemura-soke and George KohlerGeorge followed his teacher, John Lindsey, and joined the Genbukan Sekai Ninpō Bugei Renmei (Genbukan World Ninpō Bugei Federation). The following year he became a member of the Kokusai Jūjutsu Renmei (International Jujūtsu Federation). In November 1996, Tanemura Shōtō-sōke gave George permission to become a dōjō-chō (Instructor). On January 16, 1997, Tanemura Shōtō-sōke awarded the name Kusakage Dojo to George Kohler under the guidance of John Lindsey.

• Ninpō Taijutsu 3rd dan

• Jūjutsu 3rd dan

• Gyokko-ryū kosshijutsu Tanemura-ha shoden menkyo

• Kotō-ryū koppōjutsu Tanemura-ha shoden menkyo

• Kukishinden Happō Bikenjutsu Tanemura-ha shoden menkyo
   (Taijutsu, Bōjutsu, and Bikenjutsu)

• Bōjutsu jōkyū

• Bikenjutsu 5th kyū