Affiliated Instructors

John LindseyRenshi: John Lindsey – Ganseki Chief Dōjō-chō
    In 1967, John Lindsey was introduced to martial arts by learning Jūdō at the age of 7 from Gene Kranz (mission control flight director made famous in the movie Apollo 13) in Houston, Texas (Clear Lake Recreation Center). Later, John also studied Shitō-ryū Karate. In 1978 he joined the US Army, and was assigned to 2nd Ranger Battalion 75th Infantry Regiment in Ft. Lewis, Washington. John Lindsey While in the Army, John was introduced to Bujinkan ninpō taijutsu during a seminar with Stephen Hayes in the early 1980’s. After leaving the Army in 1982, he started studying Bujinkan ninpō taijutsu under Dr. Kelly Hill, who was at that time a student of Stephen Hayes. After Dr. Hill stopped teaching in 1986, John became a direct student of Hatsumi Masaaki and later earning a rank of 6th dan. In 1994, John resigned from the Bujinkan and joined the Genbukan Sekai Ninpō Bugei Renmei (translated: Genbukan World Ninpō Bugei Federation) and Kokusai Jūjutsu Renmei (translated: International Jūjutsu Federation), becoming a direct student of Tanemura Shōtō-sōke and was authorized to be a dōjō-chō (instructor).

• Special Instructor Level 1

• Ninpō Taijutsu 4th dan

• Jūjutsu 4th dan

• Asayama Ichiden-ryū taijutsu shoden menkyo

• Bōjutsu shoden menkyo

• Bikenjutsu 1st kyū

Greg CaplingerGreg Caplinger – Gekka Dōjō-chō
    Greg Caplinger spent about 15 years doing martial arts (Cha Yon-ryu, Kenpo karate, Jūdō, Tae kwon do, Aikidō, etc) before training in ninpō taijutsu. Greg had formerly been active with the Genbukan in the early 1990's with a former Genbukan instructor. In 1999 he rejoined the Genbukan and is now a personal student of John Lindsey. In 2001, Tanemura Shōtō-sōke gave Greg permission to become a dōjō-chō (Instructor) and naming it the Gekka Dōjō, under the guidance of John Lindsey.

• Ninpō Taijutsu 1st dan

• Jūjutsu 1st dan

• Gyokko-ryū kosshijutsu Tanemura-ha shoden menkyo